Terms and condition


These General Conditions of Sale (after referred to as "General Conditions") concern the purchase of Products made remotely via a telematic network from https://shop.viagaribaldi12.com (after referred to as "the Site").

Owner of the VIA GARIBALDI 12 Web site of Bagnara srl ​​(after referred to as "Seller") with registered office in Via Chiesa, 7 16012 Busalla GE, registered in the Genoa Register of Companies, number 342385 VAT Code / Tax Code no. 03368950105.

Acceptance of general sales conditions

All purchases of Products made through the Site (hereafter Purchasing Agreements) by the users accessing it (hereinafter referred to as Clients) are governed by these General Terms and Conditions and the Consumer Code, E-commerce. Upon conclusion of the Purchase Agreements, in accordance with the procedure, Customer agrees to and agrees to observe these General Conditions. Therefore, before making any purchases, Customer is encouraged to read these General Terms and, upon completion of the intended operation, to print or otherwise retain them in the preferred manner.

The Owner of the Site may modify the content of the General Terms at any time and without notice. Purchase Agreements will apply to the General Terms and Conditions published on the Site at the time of delivery of the order of purchase by the Customer.


This is a telematic site for the sale of objects and luxury furniture design elements (hereinafter, the Products). All Products offered are detailed in the Site, within their respective sections, distinct by Product Categories.

The visual representation of Products on the Site, if available, normally corresponds to the photographic image of the Products themselves and is intended solely to present them for sale without any guarantee or commitment by the Owner about the exact match of the image Depicted on the Site with the Real Product, with particular regard to its actual size and / or the chromatic aspects of the Products. If there is a difference between the image and the product card, the description of the product card is always faithful.

Buying procedure

The Customer may purchase the Products in the electronic catalog and detailed in the Website in the respective product category sections, as described in the relevant information sheets, subject to the technical access procedures shown here.

The publication of the Products displayed on the Site constitutes an invitation addressed to the Customer to formulate a contractual purchase proposal. The order sent by the Customer has value for contractual proposal and involves the full knowledge and full acceptance of these General Sales Conditions.

The successful receipt of the Customer's proposal is confirmed by the Owner by means of an automatic reply sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer and only confirms the correct receipt of the proposal within the information systems. This confirmation message will indicate a "Order Number" to be used in any subsequent communication with the Site. The message will, in addition to the statutory information required by law, reproduce all the data entered by the Customer, which undertakes to verify its accuracy and to communicate promptly Possible correction. Possible aggravation of expenses, caused by errors in personal data, not reported promptly, will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Each order can be viewed by the Customer on the Site, in its own personal area, immediately after sending the order and may be canceled by the Customer within 24 hours after the order is delivered. After this period the order is deemed valid. There may occasionally be no availability of the Products offered. In such a case, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in whole or in part available, the order will be sent to the available products after having sent a notice to the Customer in this regard.

Payments by Credit Card and PayPal only require an authorization (see Payment Method) or a cash reservation without any actual charge when Customer inserts the order. The payment is therefore actually charged to the Customer only when the Products are delivered to the courier in charge of the shipment. At this stage, the Seller will also issue the order invoice only when expressly requested by the Customer or a regular tax receipt. This means that in the event of cancellation of the order by the Customer (by reserved area or by request to the Customer Service) no amount will be charged to the same and therefore the Seller will not have to make any refund.

Each Purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Customer shall be deemed to have been concluded by acceptance of the order by the Seller who has the right to accept, at its own discretion, the order sent by the Customer, without the latter being able to To make pretensions or royalties, in any event, even in compensation, in the event of failure to accept the order itself.

In particular, the Seller reserves the right not to accept purchase orders and cancel orders that do not provide sufficient solvency guarantees, or if, even after a comparison with the credit card management system, there are anomalies in the transactions And the means of payment used by the Customer.

Product prices

All Product prices are clearly indicated on the Site with VAT included. Delivery costs are included throughout the national territory in standard mode; For other countries will be properly highlighted at the time of order, the amount of which may vary depending on the delivery method, the destination and the total amount of the order.

Methods and costs of delivery

Seller will deliver to all countries indicated on the Site and delivery will take place without appointment. The Seller issues invoices for the Products purchased if the Customer expressly requests it, or a tax receipt when the Products are delivered to the shipping courier.

The information provided by the Customer shall be valid for the issue of the invoice. No change of data will be possible after the invoice is issued. No liability, in any way, may be charged by the Customer to the Seller in the event of a delay in the delivery of the order or delivery of the Products covered by the Purchase Agreements.

The ordered Products will be sent to the Customer's postal address. Deliveries will be made from Tuesday to Friday, in normal office hours, excluding national holidays. Delivery is deemed to be completed at the time the Product is made available to Customer at the address specified in the order form. In the case of non-delivery of the addressee to the specified address, the courier will leave a notice and will attempt the delivery the next day. If the delivery is not possible even on the day following the absence of the recipient, Customer Service will attempt to contact the Customer to schedule a new delivery. In the event Customer Service is unable to contact the Customer for the next 10 days after the first attempt or in case of further inability to deliver on behalf of the recipient, the Ordered Products will be returned to the Seller. Any deposit charges will be borne by the Customer.

At the time of delivery of the Products by the courier appointed by the Seller, the Customer is required to inspect the following:

a) that the packaging is intact and not damaged or altered

b) the number of deliveries corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document.

Any damage to the packaging and the Products or the failure to match the number of pieces / packages or indications must be immediately challenged by the Customer directly to the expressly-signed courier and may contact the Seller through Customer Service by specifying the order for which Such disagreements have occurred.

Cases of force majeure, unavailability of means of transport, as well as unforeseeable or unavoidable events that cause delays in deliveries or render the deliveries difficult or impossible, or which cause a significant increase in the cost of delivery to the Seller, will entitle them to the same Fractionate, postpone or cancel, in whole or in part, the expected delivery or even settlement of the Purchase Agreement. In such cases, the seller will be required to provide timely and appropriate communication about his / her determination to the email address indicated by the Customer and the latter will be entitled to the refund of any price already paid, excluding any further claim in any respect Of the Seller. Any additional costs will be borne by the Customer.

Right of withdrawal

Purchases made on the Site are governed by these Terms and Conditions as well as by the Italian Law on Distance Mail Sales. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement for any reason and without giving any explanation within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the goods.

In order to exercise this right, the Customer must send a notice to the Seller to this effect by registered letter r / r within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the goods.

The substantial integrity of the goods to be returned is a prerequisite for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However, it is sufficient that the good is returned in normal state of conservation. After verifying the integrity of the returned Product, the Seller will refund to the Customer the full amount paid for the Products referred to in the Purchase Agreement / Withdrawal Agreement, no later than 30 (thirty) days after the Return of The same products.

The Seller will refund the entire value of the order, or part of it, if the withdrawal is partial, by bank transfer or by other means specifically agreed between the Seller and the Customer.

Please note that in accordance with applicable law, the Seller will refund to the Customer the sums paid from the latter as the price of the Products.

The Customer shall bear the costs of returning to the Seller of the Products subject to Cancellation.

Compliance with defective products and products

The images and colors of the Products published on the Site may differ from the actual ones due to the local settings of the systems and / or tools used for their display.

In the event of a defect in the compliance of the Products purchased with respect to the description published on the Site and in the event of a defective or defective Product, Customer is entitled to the repayment or replacement of the non conforming good.

The seller's staff will be notified by indicating the method of redemption which may also take place through discount vouchers on the next purchase, the amount of which will be higher than the value of the merchandise to be reimbursed, excluding any further Seller's liability, whatever the title.

Treatment of personal data

Customer Data is handled by the Seller in accordance with the provisions in force in the field of personal data protection, as specified in the information in the special section dedicated to "Privacy Notice".

Communications and complaints

All communications or any customer's complaints against the Seller regarding the Purchase Agreements must be sent via written communication with the Recommended.

Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks (both registered and non-proprietary), as well as any and all work of the wording, badge or designation, image, photograph, written or graphic text and more generally any other intangible property protected by international laws and conventions Intellectual property and industrial property reproduced on the Site remain the exclusive property of and / or of its cause, without any access to the Site and / or the award of Purchase Contracts to the Customer.

Any use, even partial, of the same, is prohibited without the prior written permission of Bagnara srl ​​and / or its subsidiaries, for which exclusive rights are reserved for all of its rights.


Both in the case of "consumers" and "professional" customers, any dispute concerning the interpretation and execution of contracts entered into in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions shall be resolved before the competent Judicial Authority under the applicable law at the forum in Genoa (Italy).